Emma Watson Just Started an Instagram Account Promoting Sustainable Fashion

Multi-hyphenate Renaissance woman and style icon Emma Watson is no stranger to taking a stand for a cause she cares about: take, for example, her ongoing stint as the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, work with HeForShe, Sexy Sleepwear,Cotton Sleepwear,Women Sleepwear and her campaign for university administrators to address sexual assault on campus. 

Now, she's using her Beauty and the Beast press tour—a time when entertainment journalism's eyes and cameras will be focused on her—to shine a light on sustainable fashion, its importance, and the designers who are actively participating in the movement.

To do so, she's showcasing the outfits she wears during her press tour on Instagram, much like a personal style blogger. But it's not her normal account, Womens Clothing,Discount Clothes,Cheap Fashion Clothing which she mostly uses to highlight issues she's involved with. Emma Watson Just Started an Instagram Account Promoting Sustainable Fashion.

Instead, she's started a brand-new one, called The Press Tour—and in just three posts and eight hours (as of press time), 195,000 followers are already tuning in. The new account promises to give a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a press tour—a massive undertaking. Part of the tour, naturally, involves what she's wearing (and there will be a lot of outfits).

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