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You can be assured that all our men's luxury high end Fashion Watches are the real deal.  We also insure quality control before any watch leaves our hands.  We take the utmost care in making sure our customer is one hundred percent satisfied with his purchase one hundred percent of the time.

Built with only the best available watch components, we utilize a production process in our state-of-the-art Detroit factory to hand-build each item, one at a time. This is the redefinition of luxury-a sensible realization that a brand name is worth nothing beyond the quality of the product it's printed on, and a deep-seated belief that products should be built to last, and they should be built right here in America. That's why Shinola is proud to handcraft watches that are made to last a lifetime or longer. offers a wide variety of choice,Our wrist watches featuring some of the finest brands, including designer watches, fashion watches, luxury watches, unisex watches, and sports watches.

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